Frequently Asked Questions About RW Flooring

How does RW price its labor?

Pricing is market-dependent, but customers will get a full itemized quote of all services provided, so they know exactly what they are paying for.

Do I need a measurement before receiving a quote?

Yes, a measurement will ensure project accuracy for your labor and materials. A preliminary quote can be given if the customer has blueprints, but ultimately a final quote must come after an in-home measure is complete.

Do I get a labor warranty?

RW provides a 1-year craftsmanship warranty on labor. Any products purchased through RW Flooring would come with a manufacturer warranty for that brand.

How much time should I plan for my project to start after I purchase?

A safe rule of thumb is to give yourself 4-6 weeks to complete a project after your purchase. This gives you a few weeks of order time on materials and acclimation. Some projects can be completed much sooner with the availability of materials and installers.

Do you require floors to acclimate before installation?

Yes, all flooring needs to acclimate before installation begins. Most floors have a general range of days a product should acclimate. We moisture test before every project to ensure flooring moisture is balanced with your site.

What do I need to do before an installation begins?

RW asks for a clear path to the installation area as well as space to set up a cutting station outside. If you selected our white glove service, there would be no additional things needed. Just sit back and relax. If there are services you decided to take on yourself, you will need to have those complete before installation.

Can weather delay my project?

Yes, severe weather can create a safety issue for our installers. They will make the final decision if that would delay a project. For projects during rainy or snowy weather, we ask that you have a space in the garage cleared for us to set up a cutting station. If you are unable to accommodate that, we will need to reschedule.

Do I have to pay for the project upfront?

Yes, RW Flooring requires a 50% deposit on labor, with the other 50% due at the completion of all labor projects. Projects with materials purchased through RW require a 50% deposit at signing, a 25% deposit the day before installation, and the remaining 25% deposit due after the project is complete.

Who do I reach if I have a warranty issue with my floor?

Any flooring issues/inquiries should be directed to our Customer care department. Email them a description of the issue along with photos to

How long does the onboarding process take for an installer with RW Flooring?

Onboarding can take as little as three days and as long as six weeks or more. Most average about 2-3 weeks to get through onboarding. Much of that is dependent on how quickly installers submit all onboarding documents.

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